Friday, April 6, 2012

The days of plain keyboard and hopefully coming to an end dull. With new innovative ideas like the Optimus keyboard by Artemy Lebedev nearly everyone will benefit computer users from the new design. The only drop in the cost of new Optimus Keyboard. Currently, the keyboard is still technically a prototype and the cost is around U.S. $ 200 to produce the keyboard. The good news is that the keyboard is slated to go into mass production next year and started in the summer of 2006, which will allow the value of technology "new" place. Organic Light Emitting Diodes still-higher price, but I want to pay extra money for being able to create my own keyboard icons. Change the icons on your keyboard can be changed on your desktop This means that the ESC key can look like whatever you want. The other good news is that the keyboard is an independent operating system with open source keyboard (SDK will be available). Final will leave you with a close-up of the buttons and icons in color.

We usually do not write articles about future products, but after coming across the Optimus Keyboard we thought deserved a first-look. At first glance the QWERTY keyboard looks like a normal keyboard, but do not let the looks fool you. This is basically a keyboard for the first time a cross made ​​with organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) on each key. Never heard of OLEDs; will have the opportunity to hear the word most frequently, since it is brighter and more colorful than both LCD and Plasma screens, plus they do not require power-draining backlight. A let's take a look at how the new keyboard in the lives of millions.