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How to Create the Ultimate Tech-Infused Retro Arcade Coffee Table

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PVC Chicken Feeder

There are lots of PVC chicken feeders out there, and several folks have gone with a design very similar to this one. But I haven't seen the extra three-inch piece added to the Y connector: without that small extension the chickens managed to spill quite a lot of food, but that three-inch piece cut spillage to almost zero! 

We tried a 180-degree elbow with the edge cut off: the birds were able to eat just fine but they spilled quite a lot, and closing the pipe for waterproofing and rodent-proofing would have required additional engineering. We considered quite a few other variations, but they all had drawbacks; mostly related to spillage and security.

At first the bottom part connected to the "Y" was only three inches long and the birds didn't like that much, so we set it up on a brick and the chickens seemed to like the altitude better, so the final version uses a six-inch length of pipe to place the food where the chickens can easily reach it.

Another way to go (and in response to some reader comments): if you add some kind of plug right at the bottom of the Y, the birds would be able to reach all the food. It will take you more than 3 minutes to assemble, but it would be more efficient. Of course, it's best to use plastic or something else that can be thoroughly cleaned. Most of the plugs I see out there would work, but you'd be back to the height problem (if you're concerned about chicken ergonomics). Easy to fix: just mount the feeder higher. Or: run a long carriage bolt through the base cap (or plug), letting the end stick out and hit the ground, like the spike that sticks out of the bottom of a stand-up bass or cello.

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Give Sliced Fruit a Quick Honey Water Bath to Keep Browning at Bay

Many people use a little lemon or citrus to keep sliced fruit like apples or pears from browning, but it turns out a mixture of honey and water is much better and keeps your fruit fresher longer. This video from our friends at America's Test Kitchen explains why, and notes that this trick works on veggies as well.

The tip is pretty simple—soak your apples, pears, or other fruit you don't want to brown for 30 seconds in a mixture of 2 tablespoons of honey and 1 cup of water. Your fruit will stay fresh and bright for up to 8 hours, perfect if you need to slice now and serve later. The video above explains why and how the process works, but ATK tested it with an untreated apple and an apple soaked for a few minutes in honey water, and the soaked apple was bright for well over 24 hours—way longer than you'd probably need if you're slicing fruit for a party or packing fruit in a container for a bag lunch or road snack.

If you're curious about the science behind it, there's a peptide compound in honey that stops the activation of polyphenol oxidase when it's exposed to air, or the enzyme responsible for the oxidation process in fleshy fruits and veggies like apples, pears, and potatoes. Give this one a try yourself, it works very well.

How to Prevent Fruit from Browning | America's Test Kitchen

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Colonial Style Split Rail Fence

I got the idea for this fence while taking my students to Colonial Plantation located in Ridley Creek State Park.  After we moved into our new home, there were two problems that needed to be addressed.  First, we had a number of oak trees that needed to come down and second, there is a drainage ditch in the back that we wanted to put a simple barrier in front of.  The solution?  Use the wood from the trees to create a simple split rail fence like the one I saw on the field trip.  In addition, I wanted to recreate the experience of an early American colonist as (relatively) authentically as possible.

The best part about this style of fence is that it does not require nails or screws.  It is quick and easy to disassemble to re-position or move completely somewhere else.  Plus, if you are unhappy with the results, with a few quick cuts from a chainsaw, you have a nice stack of firewood.  

DISCLAIMER:  You assume any and all risk.  Remember: You are always one small slip away from an ER visit.

It is imperative that you take several precautions before starting this project.

1.  If you are attempting this project, it is assumed that you have experience using the tools listed in the materials section.
2.  Always wear eye and hearing protection.  Avoid wearing shorts and open-toed shoes.
3.  Pace yourself!  Accidents tend to happen when you get tired or bored.  Need a break?  Take it!

Safety glasses Hearing protection (the sledgehammer hitting the wedge is surprising loud!) Sledgehammer 2-3 splitting wedges Maul Logs cut to length Chainsaw (optional)

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Bluetooth Gloves. Don't buy them make them!

Bluetooth Gloves. Don't buy them make them! head.feature("loggedin", false);InstructablesExplore Create Contests Community 3 Simple Ways to Share What You Make

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Ladies Baseball Cap

ladies pink baseball cap 2 004.jpgDuring the Summer everyone's got thier favorite Baseball cap to throw on when they go outdoors. Lately, I've been seeing lots of cute caps embellished with flowers, lace and rhinestones. I thought I'd try and come up with a pretty cap. This baseball cap is quite feminine and any woman would look great in it.  It's also adjustable, so it will fit anyone. ladies pink ball cap 001.jpgYou will need: Cotton shirt or 1/2 yard of fabric for hat and 1/3 yard for lining, wonder under fusible webbing, thread. Sewing machine, old canvas baseball cap. straight pins.Seam ripper. scrap fabrics for flower trim.

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Photoful Makes Photo Organization on iOS Simple with Gestures and Tags

Photoful Makes Photo Organization on iOS Simple with Gestures and Tags

iOS: One of the new features in the upcoming iOS 7 is a brand new photo organization tool that should help improve the clunky photo organization on iOS 6. If you want a similar experience right now to what's coming in iOS 7, Photoful is a new app worth a look.

Photoful uses gestures, tags, and date stamps to organize your photo library as easily as possible. By default, Photoful separates albums by day, but you can easily create a gallery by simply sliding your finger across photos. Want to delete a photo? Just swipe to the left. It's intuitive, and the nice thing is that it all integrates directly with the default Photos app so you don't need to worry about importing photos or doubles. It's also free, so it's worth a look if you'd like a more intuitive way to manage photos on iOS.

Photoful (Free) | iTunes App Store

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