Friday, October 11, 2013

The Misunderstood Home Screen

The Misunderstood Home Screen

Apple may have brought an end to skeuomorphism once and for all with iOS 7, but if you still like a bit of realism in your home screen, DeviantArt user kimilite has you covered.

This design uses simple badges on a literal interpretation of a wallpaper. Here's what you'll need to create this design on your own device:

Do you have an awesome, tweaked-into-oblivion home or lock screen of your own that you'd like to share? Post it in the comments below, or on your own Kinja blog with the tag "home screen showcase" (no quotes). Be sure to include a description of how you made it so we can feature it as the next featured home screen.

Android Misunderstood | DeviantArt via kimilite

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Deadspin Serena Williams On Steubenville: "I'm Not Blaming The Girl But ..." | io9 Did the Higgs bos

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The Psychology Behind Why Music Helps You Work Out

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Make a Brass Knuckles Spoon through 123D Catch, MeshMixer & MakerBot.

food_fight_3D_print_01.jpgThis tutorial illustrates how to create a Brass Knuckles Spoon just in case a rowdy food fight breaks loose at your next dinner party.
I used:
-Autodesk 123D Catch to scan the image into CAD
-Autodesk MeshMixer to massage & patch up the CAD surfaces
-MakerBot Replicator to 3D print the spoon
-KeyShot to render the spoon01.jpgFor this project, you need:
-an iPad with Autodesk 123D Catch app (free download here)
*you may use a digital camera & Autodesk 123D Catch for online or PC instead
-brass knuckles (I used these plastic UrbanHooker fishing brass knuckles)
-a plastic spoon
-some fishing line
-a small amount of clay
-a pair of scissors
-you'll also need a computer with Autodesk MeshMixer software (free download here)

-access to MakerBot Replicator
-KeyShot software

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E3 2013: Wrap Up Coverage

Legit Event Reviews


Well another E3 has come and gone and we have all been listening to a steady stream of information about various news from the “Big 3” – Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft.  Here at Legit Reviews, we have been taking a slightly different look at the madness coming in from Los Angeles and wanted to share our thoughts on what we considered “Big News” from E3.



With that said, we have to take a moment to mention what has affected us directly here at Legit Reviews.  Our last E3 article featured the various vendor models (aka “Booth Babes”) that grace every tech convention in the world. These are the models that help promote the product and help grab the attention of the convention-goer and reader.


Legit Reviews was contacted by a number of concerned industry veterans that by taking the model’s pictures and publishing it in a article called “The Best Booth Babes of E3 2013”, Legit Reviews was living in the dark ages and being sexist.  We offered those that e-mailed us with concerns a chance to be in an editorial or sit down for a video interview with us to talk about sexism in gaming, so stay tuned. A number of companies appear to be changing the way they use sex in marketing and nearly 50% of the gaming market is women, so could major change be coming?



Over the next several pages, you can read our account from some of the major hardware vendors at E3, as well as some of the streams of consciousness our writers had during the week.


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Personal Sewing Book

Determine how big you want to make your book, the fabric you prefer to use and what features you want. Here is what I decided to do.

Fabric: This is not an item that will need to be washed regularly so felt should be fine. Cotton fabrics can be used but the edges must be finished and cardboard or other stabilizer may be needed.

Size: 9” x 5 1/2” - Standard craft sheets of felt come 9” x 11” approximately. It's easily found in wonderful colors at craft and fabric stores and department stores with a craft department.

Features: What do you want to store (and carry)? Thread, needles, straight pins, safety pins, scissors, measuring tape, yoyo makers, fabric for, turner (chop stick), pencils, instruction sheet(s)… This means we need 2 envelope pages (storage), 1 page of thread, 1 or 2 pages for tools (meas. Tape, scissors, markers, turner)...

Closure: venetian blind cord; Many other items work just as well. Use what you have on hand.

Decoration: Fabric flower and lace doily

Hand sewn or machine sewn: machine sewn

Color: greens

One last thing: Fabric alone tends to be flimsy so you may want to stabilize your book with some cardboard. If so, you want to create an “envelope” in the front and back covers for inserting a piece of cardboard. This is the option I will demonstrate here.

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