Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Windows 8.1 Preview is now available as an ISO file, following yesterday's release as an install

The Windows 8.1 Preview is now available as an ISO file, following yesterday's release as an installer. You can download the preview in ISO format here.

Gizmodo iOS 7 for iPad First Impressions: Messing With the Best | Gawker Teen Faces Years in Prison

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Five Foods You Can Do Almost Anything With

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R/C LEGO� "The Bull" Buggy

Why 3D Printed Motor Housing?

As I mentioned in R/C LEGO Car Redux, I was not very happy and was tired of using hacked motor and motor housing from toy car or toy R/C car, because each time I want to build a different design Lego Cars. Most of the time the new design Lego car that I plan to make was not able to use the previous hacked motor and motor housing.

This 3D Printed motor housing is the second version of the 3D printed motor housing. The design and 3D modeling processes were also done in 123D Design.

This 3D Printed motor housing fits most of 24mm. diameter DC motors with 2mm shaft diameter.

The motor housing was designed to have studs that compatibles with Lego modular system. (4x6 studs.)

This version has better advantage than the first version since we could secure the motor housing with the Technic Brick by using the holes on the sides of the motor housing (See Photo 20, 21, 22)

This 24mm. motor housing is a lot sleaker than the 130-type DC motor housing, and it used less material than the 130-type motor housing.

Attached is the STL file, you download below. Or in case if you do not have a 3D printer, you can view the model or have it made at Shapeways, here.

It is a good value for the long run. My motor housing for Lego car design can be used over and over, and I do not have to buy toy R/C car to hack for motor housing from it and mod it to fit with my new design Lego car anymore.

Design Processes and 3D Modeling

Photo 1 Shows finished  3D model of motor housing with the 1:1 scale 3D model of 24mm. diameter motor. 

Photo 2 I created 1:1 scale 3D model using 123D Design from the manufacturer datasheet. Then saved to my models library.

Photo 3 I inserted the 4-stud LEGO Technic Brick (1:1 scale) that I have in my 3D models library. (Note: I hid the motor for clarity.)

Photo 4 I used The Patterns Tool in 123D Design to create the second Technic 1x4 stud brick.

Photo 5, 6, 7 I created the housing for the motor, using Primitives Tool in 123D Design and the Modify Tool to create the housing for motor.

Photo 8 I added opening by using Combine-Substract tool to the surface for fingers to push in or pull out the motor.

Photo 9 The final 3D model before combining the LEGO Bricks and the housing together.

Photo 10 The final 3D model after combining the LEGO Bricks and the housing together.

Photo 11 The finished 3D model of the motor housing with the motor. Then checked to see if the motor fit into the void area.

Photo 12 I rotated 3D Printed Motor Housing 90 degree to make the model have more strength while the model get print.

Photo 13 I hid the motor model before export to stl format before send the model for printing.

Photo 14 Different view angle (from the bottom) of the 3D model.

Photo 15, 16 The real 3D Printed Motor Housing.

Photo 17 Assembled motor housing ready to use. See details installation in Step 11.

Photo 18 3D Printed Motor Housing in used.

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Steel Washer/Dryer stand with adjustable legs

First a little background:

When I bought my washer and dryer a couple years ago, I couldn't justify the extra $400 for the stands to raise them up to a comfortable height for loading and unloading.  I decided to build my own stand out of wood and was able to put together a real sturdy setup.  The only problem was that my washer and dryer were located in a part of the basement that had a sloping concrete floor.  I shimmed my heart out trying to get the platform level, but it still walks all over the place and I have had the dryer slide off the edge a couple times.

Time for an upgrade.  I decided to build a new stand out of steel. I haven't found any information online on how to build your own out of steel, nor with adjustable feet, so I will be designing and building the project.  Ever since I got my new wire-feed welder I have been looking for projects and this one fits the bill properly.

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Healthy High-Protein Hummus Artichoke Wrap

wrapmainfinal.jpgThis wrap is both delicious and healthy! If you use the same ingredients listed here, then you'll be consuming about 26 grams of protein - a hefty dose of vitamin A and fiber and several servings of vegetables! If you're concerned about calories, this whole meal is about 220 calories. If you add a couple ounces of grilled chicken to the wrap, the total calories will be at 320. If you want to increase that, add more chicken! P1013085.JPGIngredients: Hummus (I prefer the roasted red pepper kind) - 2 tablespoons 1/2 carrot sliced or shredded 1/4 cup of spinach Flatbread (I used Flatout multi-grain bread which has 9g of protein in each slice) 3 artichoke hearts (from a can) *optional: 2-3 ounces of grilled chicken, chopped

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