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DIY Prescription Safety Goggles! (plus a few extras)

0605132136.jpgAs Someone with awful vision, I always have the problem of needing to have my glasses on to see what I'm working on, but then I either have to fuss with wearing safety goggles over my glasses or the lying to myself that my glasses work as safety goggles, which isn't true and even if they protect my eyes then my glasses end up scratched. I've worn safety glasses over them but I still always end up with dust and shavings getting through the open sides and defeating the purpose anyways. So I decided to make a pair of goggles that allowed me to still see what I'm working on while protecting my eyes much better, than other options I'd tried.

Last time I broke a pair of glasses, I finally bought some online and was amazed at how much cheaper it was.So logically I link jumped to prescription goggles thinking they would also be cheaper--no luck. Then I thought to myself, "Self- Don't you already have a cheap pair of goggles from the costume shop and some broken glasses?" So this is my slapped together prescription goggles, to which I added a small spotlight and a magnifying lens. This is also a great way to get some more mileage out of broken glasses you had to pay good money for.


Goggles from a Costume Shop
Broken Glasses with Lenses Still Intact
Reflective concave cup part from broken flashlight
LED flashlight from broken cheapo multiscrewdriver that I stupidly tried to pry something open with. 
Some small electric wire scavenged from various things
Stiff Bendable Craft wire
Old AM antenna. Actually I just used the old AM antenna for the plug at the end and the small electric wire- you can use anything that has those elements, I just have several because i find them a lot dumpster diving.

Needle and Thread
Drill with small bit, roughly the diameter of the bendable wire
Hot Glue Gun
Hacksaw blade
Exacto Knife

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Star Wars Figure Display Box


- Saw
- Drill
- Screwdriver. 


- Wooden picture frame
- 25mm x 50mm wooden baton
- clear Perspex 
- Mirrored Perspex. 
- Glue. 
- Paint. 
- L brackets. 
- Screws. 
- Glue. 

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Ribs and Pulled Pork Without The Fuss

2013-06-01 18.19.37.jpgIn this instructable I'm going to give you my ridiculously easy recipe for making amazing ribs and pulled pork. It's very simple, very cheap and uses only a few simple ingredients which most people should have lying around the house. If you're like me, then when you're cooking for a large group of people you like to do as little prep work as possible so you can actually hang out and enjoy your own party, however, when you do bring food to the table you still want it to be as delicious and amazing as possible, and that's where this recipe steps in. It is going to require you to cook the meat in the oven for a long time but in terms of preparation and effort it really is minimal.

Now I'm sure that the barbecue/grilling fanatics will be howling in derision and insist that you run out and purchase a backyard smoker immediately, and yes, it's true, your meat will be smokier if you use a smoker but this recipe is truly delicious and what it lacks in smokiness it more than makes up for in compatibility with a normal person's lifestyle. Not to mention that the realities of living in a small city apartment make owning a smoker an unachievable fantasy for a large many of us.

(Unfortunately, because my guests were hungry they tore the finished products from my hand and I barely had time to take these blurry cell phone pictures of the almost-finished product let alone a manicured picture with perfect lighting and just the right amount of neatly placed dressing. Next time I make them though I'll get a better set of pictures of the final product and upload them) 

It's worth noting in advance that this recipe requires some long cooking times, and in the case of the pork butt you can also do an overnight brine. We're going to be cooking the meat at a very low temperature for a long time (low and slow) to make sure that it's gets tender while still retaining as many of it's natural juices as possible. This is important to take into account when planning on having guests over so that the food is ready when everyone expects to eat.  I usually stick the pork in the oven first thing in the morning 8-9am and the ribs around 12-1pm so that they're ready around 5pm.

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Swirly Paperclip Bracelet

13, 5:14 PM.jpgNot your average 'string some clips together ' bracelet! This one was born of hours of frustration in front of a PC with 'network problems'. Instead of throwing the monitor out of the window, I started mutilating office supplies and a lovely accessory was born,

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NatureBox Automates Your Snacking, Keeps You Healthy

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Freshen Up Your Home While Vacuuming with Oils and Cotton Balls

Freshen Up Your Home While Vacuuming with Oils and Cotton Balls

Vacuuming is nobody's favorite chore, but when you have to do it, you should at least kill two birds with one stone by taking the opportunity to make your home smell great.

All you have to do is soak a few cotton balls in your essential oil of choice, and drop them in the vacuum bag before you start cleaning. The cotton balls will infuse the air ejected by the vacuum with the scent of the oils. The effect will be subtle, but it's so easy to do that it's worth trying every time you vacuum. If your house really smells bad, you can cook your leftover oils in the oven for an hour or so to fully infuse your house with a pleasant scent. Be sure to click through the source link for more clever uses for cotton balls around your home.

9 Exciting Uses for Boring Cotton Balls | WonderHowTo

Photo by Olesia Bilkei (Shutterstock).