Sunday, May 19, 2013

Garden Without The Back Strain with this DIY Seed Gun

Everyone loves a good backyard garden, but hunching over a pile of dirt to plant all of your seeds isn't much fun. If you want to take some of the back bending out of the equation, this PVC seed gun should do the trick.

ThinkMan's Blog shares the tutorial for this clever contraption. You'll need to cut the end of a PVC pipe into a "V" shape to dig into the soil, and close it off with a retractable metal flipper. Once you're finished, you can drop a seed or two in a funnel at the top so they slide down the pipe, then just pull the trigger to open up the flipper and release it into the soil. This is probably over-engineered if you're just planting a small herb garden, but it's perfect if you have a bigger yard and want to do a little more landscaping.

A Homemade Seed Planter | A Geezer's Ramblings

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SmartDeblur Fixes Blurry Photos without the Fuss

Windows: As good as our camera phones have gotten, they can still produce some blurry images, especially of moving subjects or in low light. While you could try to sharpen them up in a feature-rich app like Photoshop and futz around with a bunch of sliders and settings to get decent results, SmartDeblur does a great job with less fuss.

As far as photography apps go, this is a simple app for a single problem, but it delivers on its promise. Just load up a photo, adjust the kernel size and smoothing parameters as needed, then hit "Analyze Blur" to fix the photo. SmartDeblur is no miracle worker, the photos won't become crystal clear, but the app absolutely holds its own against real image editors. Obviously, if you have Photoshop and would rather set up a batch process to make some adjustments, that's probably going to be faster for fixing a ton of photos at once, but SmartDeblur is still handy if you just want to sharpen a photo or two. It's also a great app to send to any of your friends who don't own or aren't comfortable using full-featured image editors.

SmartDeblur (Free Trial) | Developer's Website via FreewareGenius

Screenshot by Carlos Macias.

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