Sunday, December 8, 2013

Collard greens � Brasileira

This is how we eat collard greens in Brasil. You'll need:

- One bunch of collard greens
- 3 cloves of garlic chopped really small
- 3 tablespoons of olive oil
- 3 tablespoons of white wine vinegar
- Salt and black pepper 

Stack the clean collards one on top of the other. Roll them up in a cigar shape, slice really thin.

Put a large fry pan on the fire, get it really hot.
Add olive oil and garlic sauté for a minute.  
Shut off the fire. Add the collards and the vinegar in a quick motion. Stir.
Season with salt and black pepper. Remove from the hot pan immediately or they will overcook.

Serve as a wonderful side to any dish. Tonight we had it with pulled pork and brasilian rice with vegetables.

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LEGO organizer

Even though I have a 'spot' for my keys and wallet I still end up misplacing them. The LEGO organizer is a fun and convenient place to store all your everyday carry things. A standard LEGO base plate is stuck to a wall, bricks and plates attached to everyday items make them all attachable to the mat. Now all my goodies are safely and visibly secured to the wall by the door - never to go missing again.

This fun and colourful project is a great way to keep things organized, and show your love for LEGO.
LEGO purists beware: I had to modify the pieces to work with my idea!

Let's make!

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How To Plasti-Dip Car Parts

13, 11:47.jpgToday, i am going to show you the proper way to plasti-dip interior car parts13, 11:47.jpgYou will need the following: A can (or more) of plastidip Some sort of rag or paper towel Some type of cleaner/degreaser Newspaper, and painters tape (optional) Your part that you wish to dip.

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Han Solo in Carbonite Pendant from Copper or Silver Metal Clay

Metal clay (sometimes called precious metal clay) can be easily manipulated at home making it perfect for unique and fun jewelry like the Han Solo in Carbonite pendant in this Instructable. Basically, you roll out the clay, form it as you wish, dry it, tidy it up, fire the dried clay piece with a torch, quench it in cool water, tidy it again and finish as desired. 

There are a number of Instructables that illustrate how to make jewelry from polymer clay and then make the plastic look like silver or gold.   This is a fine approach, but for me it's not quite the same as having a piece of metal jewelry.   Fortunately, for a little cash and a small amount of time you can easily make copper or silver jewelry with fairly common tools from metal clay.

So get your Star Wars geek on and make your very own pure copper Han Solo in Carbonite pendant in a few hours. I suggest starting with copper clay because it's a lot cheaper than silver so mistakes are easier on the wallet.  Once you feel comfortable with the copper piece, or if you just feel like jumping right in, you can make one out of silver clay by following essentially the same steps and be the most chic geek on the street.

NOTE – YMMV.  I am not an expert in jewelry making nor am I a metalsmith or metal clay expert.  My formal training in using metal clay comes from a one-day class. I've learned alot from the excellent sources on the internet on how to use metal clay and how to finish pieces.  Some are from Jewelry Making Daily, Art Jewelry Magazine, and Holly Gage.  

SAFETY, SAFETY, SAFETY!  While metal clay seems to be generally viewed as non-toxic, please be careful in its handling, wash your hands, don't use your tools for both food and jewelry making.  Once the piece is dry, you'll likely be generating dust which is probably not so great for your lungs, so wear appropriate protection like a dust mask.  If you follow this Instructable to torch the piece, you'll be using a propane torch.  Fire is dangerous, in case you hadn't heard, so be extremely cautious. If the piece is not completely dry when fired, it might burst/explode, so wear safety glasses.  You'll be making a very, very hot metal piece which will give you a nasty burn if you're not careful.  You'll also be quenching the hot copper piece in water, brushing it with a prickly brass brush, pickling it with acid and if you choose to add a dark patina to finish your piece, you'll be using a solution of Liver of Sulfur which is a stinky chemical.  Wear safety glasses/goggles and protective gloves as appropriate during the torch firing, quenching, pickling and patina process in case things go poof or boom or splash. Be sure you have adequate ventilation for all of the above and dispose of all of your waste thoughtfully.  Whew.

Note: please let me know of any typos/errors/comments so I can continue to improve this Instructable.
I'd also appreciate it if you'd vote for me in the contest. Thanks.

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Most guys understand the inability to cool down at the end of a long work day during the summer. Most guys also like the feel of a decently heavy blanket over them to help them sleep. However, you can't be cool and have a heavy blanket unless it's friggin' freezing in the rest of the room.

You basically feel akin to Mr. Freeze.

No Longer!

Last week our AC was out, so my wife devised a way to make a quilt-like blanket that holds ICE PACKS! It's the ultimate heavy blanket, but keeps you cold at the same time. The other benefit is that during winter, she could heat the packs and create a warm blanket too. Overall, we both win during opposing seasons.

Things you'll need:
Fabric, something warm and comfortable, we used cotton and an old flannel sheet.
Batting (think sheets of cotton balls, used for padding)
Ice packs (somewhere between 10 and 40)
Sewing method (Machines in this case)
Generic sewing pieces (scissors, thread, pins, buttons, iron, etc)

Not terribly difficult overall, but time consuming. However, with the ability to lay and be chilled during hot summer months? It's worth it!

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Don't Return Your Rental Car Early to Avoid Fees

Don't Return Your Rental Car Early to Avoid Fees

When you rent a car, returning it early can actually cost you rather than save you money. If you finish in advance, make sure you won't incur a penalty for an early return before driving back.

Why wouldn't the rental car company want their car back early? They might, but US News reports that promotions can sometimes throw a wrench into the works:

If you’re getting a special weekly rate, returning the vehicle early may be extra costly, as some rental companies will cancel your discounted rate. Other companies will prorate fees for the days you didn’t use, so you’ll pay a little less – but then some tack on a $10 to $15 early return fee to your bill. Therefore, make sure you understand what the company’s early return policy is before dropping off the car.

Car rental companies can do some dumb and annoying things. Even though it seems like common sense, less time does not necessarily equal less money. Before you return early, call first and make sure you won't have to pay for that "luxury."

5 Lesser-Known Facts About Renting a Car | US News

Photo by bluewaikiki.

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