Monday, June 17, 2013

Art Deco Eagle Wings for Captain America Helmet

eagle wings helmet 2.jpgI share a love of bike riding and of Captain America with my son.  His bike helmet was stolen from his school storage bin a while back and the school Principal was kind enough to give him a new blue bike helmet.  I was not thrilled to hear that his helmet had been stolen while he was in school, after all we wrote his name across the back of his old helmet.  When I saw the new helmet I decided we needed to make it more easily identifiable, using some white duct tape we fashioned an A and a pair of wings for his helmet.  He loved the new look to his helmet but I was not really happy with it.  After seeing an art deco eagle hood ornament on a vintage car I had an idea to remedy that.

I drew a sketch of the art deco eagle I had seen and used it to make a template of the eagle wings.  I transfered the outline of the wings to some 18 gauge sheet metal and rough cut the wings out with a metal shear.  I finished shaping the sheet metal with a drum sander bit on a rotary tool.  I drew the interior lines of the wings and stamped them in with a peice of wire hanger, cut to fit, and a big hammer.  The peice of sheet metal that I had was painted so I sanded the old paint off and repainted the wings with a metallic aluminum enamle paint.  I colored the stamped lines in with some black, just to make them stand out more.  I used 3M double sided adhesive tape to attach the wings to my son's helmet, now we are both thrilled with the look of his custome bike helmet.

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Awareness Ribbon Nail Art

Ribbon NA.jpgSo it's Mother's Day weekend, and every Mother's Day, I go with my mom and grandma to this Race for the Cure for Breast Cancer.  I thought I'd paint my nails accordingly.

You can do this in whatever color you want.

DSC_0193.JPGSupplies: Base color of choice (I used white)Pink colorTop coatBrush (I bought these cheapo brushes to use for nail art)

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330 volt "Shocking" Electric Deck of Cards! - (Electric Shock Kissing Prank)

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Vintage cooler cabinet

20130523_124750.jpgMy wife and I found an old sewing machine cabinet at a flea market and decided to turn it into a cabinet to hold iced beverages on our patio.  Although the cabinet  was in bad shape cosmetically (much of the veneer had peeled off) , it was structurally sound.   Someone had already removed the sewing machine which was fine, since we didn't need it for our purpose.20130517_161256.jpgThe first thing I did was to finish removing the veneer that was barely hanging on.  Using a scraper, I simply ran the scraper blade under the veneer and that which remained came off easily.  The veneer on the top and the lid was still tightly attached, so I re-glued a few loose edges to keep it from coming loose in the future (photo 1).

The next thing was to build a platform for the cooler to sit in.  I selected two boards from my scrap pile and screwed them into the bottom of the cabinet (photo 2).

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Stuffed BBQ chicken (sushi style roll)

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