Sunday, July 14, 2013

DIY Polaroid Swinger Model 20 To Canon EF DSLR Lens

Shopping list:

A Polaroid Land Camera Swinger Model 20

A good brand epoxy glue

A set of Canon EF Macro Extension Rings. I just got some cheap ones. Mine has 7,14 and 28mm. written on them. Others has numbers 1,2,3 on them. Get the 7,14 and 28mm. ones if you can. I don't know if the others are the same size. You should get this with the AF-Confirm chip installed.

Some Canon EF Macro Bellows. Again I got the the cheap stuff. You should get this with the AF-Confirm chip installed.

A Phillips head Screwdriver

A Compass. This is for drawing circles, not for finding the North Pole

A Ruler and a Vernier Caliper.

A flat black piece of plastic sheet 5x5 cm. You can get this from smashing the remains of the camera body.

A flat black permanent marker. I used a Posca marker.

Some paper.


Note: AF-Confirm is when your normal AF lenses, confirms that you have reached focus. This is pretty handy, so get your adaptors with it.

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Steak and Potatoes (The Fried Edition)

13, 7:31 PM.jpgThere is nothing better than steak and potatoes. Or is there? Hmmm. Steak? Good. Potatoes? Good. Fried? Oh yeah!!! We took a classic meal and made it even tastier. Probably way worse for you too, but sooo good. So let's do this! *Please make sure you're blood pressure isn't already high before eating this! 13, 7:31 PM.jpgYou'll need steak (any kind you prefer), russet potatoes (these work best for frying), 6 eggs, 1 cup of milk (we forgot it in the picture), 6 cups of flour, and a half cup of seasoning salt. That's it. This doesn't take long to prep, so go ahead and plug in your fryer and let it start heating up.

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Google just added nutrition info for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats, and full dishes to its se

Google just added nutrition info for over 1,000 fruits, vegetables, meats, and full dishes to its search results. It's designed to work well with voice search too, so you can just ask it "how much protein is in an egg?" and get your answer. The feature will begin rolling out today. Read more here.

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Free "Catch'em Live" Trap

Built from nothing but scrap plywood and spare or recycled hardware for completely free, or you could build it for really cheap if you had to buy anything

With an "industrious" back yard and a large vacant field behind the neighbors across the street we occasionally find an opossum nesting somewhere we can usually catch with a gloved hand. Yesterday I spotted a juvenile running across the street, I gave chase but it hid in the neighbors garage and I lost track of it after a few minutes.

Figured it mustn't be difficult or complicated and came up with this after having seen a couple of other traps before.

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Quickly Jump to a Date in Outlook with This Shortcut

Quickly Jump to a Date in Outlook with This Shortcut

Instead of scrolling through the month or week views of your Outlook calendar to find a date, use the Go to Date feature to quickly jump to it.

The How-To Geek highlights this shortcut, which works in both Outlook 2013 and earlier versions. Simply hit Ctrl+G for the Go To Date dialog box. You can navigate a monthly calendar in the window via the drop-down box or, better yet, just type in the date you want to go to. It works for both "June 5" and natural language like "next week" or "third Monday in June."

You can also access the Go To Date option in the ribbon view (look for the Go To command and the small down arrow), but to save the most time, just remember the Ctrl+G keyboard shortcut.

How to Quickly Jump to a Date in Outlook 2013 | How-To Geek

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Making a shelf out of a single board - my first project in the Techshop woodshop

After I'd taken the basic safety course for the Techshop woodshop in SF, I was ready to knock out some basic projects to get some practice on the tools before trying anything more complicated.  My first project was making this simple shelf out of a 7-foot board.  Making a shelf can be a good first project if you're just getting into working with wood.

In our kitchen we had an overflowing pile of cookbooks and a tiny nook that was just right for a shelf.  I got this large pine board for cheap at MacBeath Hardwoods in Berkeley and set about turning it into a shelf.

Here's how I grade my work in the end:
As a learning experience: A
As a couple's bonding experience putting together the shelf: A+
As a final shelf: B+ (we'll get to that later)

As they say in the world of Instructables written in part to get a free class at Techshop, "I made it at Techshop!"

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