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Stencil for Disability Parking Space


1 Gallon Rust-Oleum Safety Blue Pro Enamel (or latex equivalent for parking lots)--$40. You likely will not find this color at national retail outlets . I found it at a local retail shop. You can order it through national retail chains, but it takes time and extra $ for shipping. It is also possible to order 6-pack cans of spray paint, but this paint does not have a long life and tends to show anything painted under it. However, it does dry much more quickly.

1 Can White Striping Paint--$10. These are readily available at both national retail and local shops. DO NOT GET "MARKING" PAINT.

1 Piece of Plywood, at least 32" x 48"--$10. I used some old 3/4" laying about. I also purchased some "Hardboard" or masonite just for kicks.

1 Print-out, at least 32" x 32" on an "engineering" printer--$10. Your local copy shop or any national retailer (Kinkos, Staples, etc.) will have the engineer printers. I asked for a 36" x 48" and it came out perfect! The image is downloadable here: http://www.accessibleicon.org/uploads/1/3/8/3/13834741/accessibility20icon_final.pdf 

Pieces of scrap plywood or cardboard. This is to protect the surrounding areas from overspray. Note that newspaper usually just blows away.

Painter's Tape. This gives the blue background straight edges. Try to get the cheapest tape you can. I usually go for the 2" stuff because my little helpers get sloppy sometimes. 


Razor blades/Xacto knife/Scissors: for cutting out the paper stencil
Jigsaw: for cutting out the wood stencil.
Drill with 1/2 bit: for cutting out the wood stencil.
Paint Roller preferably with handle: for the blue background
Roller Cover preferably 1/2 nap: for the blue background
Safety Cone: to protect your job until it fully dries.
Drop Cloth: Don't leave a mess
Garbage Bags: Don't leave a mess

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Fried Dumpling

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