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Wooden branch trivet

sottopentola01.jpgIf you live in a wood cottage in the middle of a forest, or maybe it's enough you like country style, you would like this trivet too. It's made cutting some disks from a little wood branch, and linking them together with short cord segments. You can arrange the disks in variuos shapes, in this instructable I show you some choices, but there are infinite, also you can start from a bigger branch, and make a kitchen carpet instead of a trivet ;-)sottopentola02.jpgAs material it's better choose a seasoned wood, so it will not cracks with time, and it will not expel humidity exposed to the heat of the pots. You can also let it seasoning after the end of the making process. I've started from a branch with a regular circular section, but you can obtain good results, and maybe better ones, with a more rough shape (it depends on how much deep you live in the forest...) You have also the opportunity to leave the bark or to remove it, I've left it in some of my trivet, as you can see in the first picture, but I removed it with sand paper in this bigger disks.

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Filter Out Cereal Dust with a Colander

Filter Out Cereal Dust with a Colander

When you're pouring your morning bowl of cereal, you might not want the dust that collects at the bottom of the box to mix in with your milk. If you only want full pieces in your bowl, just use a colander.

This tip is pretty obvious in hindsight, but it's something you might not think of when you're groggy early in the morning. Just empty out your cereal box into the colander, and let the dust fall into the sink. Personally, I enjoy "drinking" the cereal dust once a box is empty (I really hope I'm not the only one), so I might filter it into a bowl to enjoy separately, and save the full pieces for a proper bowl of milk.

LPT: use a colander to prepare the last bowl of cereal from a box/bag. | Reddit

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NES Controller Night Light in Resin


1.  NES Controller. 
The one that I used didn't work anymore.  You can purchase these from Ebay

2.  3 AAA rechargeable batteries

3.  5.5v solar panel -  Ebay

4.  Clear 5mm LED lights -  Ebay

5.  Mercury switch - Ebay

6.  Rear bike light. 
I found this one on the ground!  You can buy them though from Ebay for dirt cheap.  The one that I have linked to is a 9 LED, the one I used had 7.

7.  Computer wire.  Pulled from an old PC

8.  Casting Resin.  purchased from my local hardware store

9.  Mould.  - Ebay

10. Diode


1.  Soldering Iron

2.  Solder

3.  Pliers

4.  Hot Glue

6.  Drill

7.  Stanlley knife.

8.  Dremmel

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Take Some Time to Relax or Make Something Awesome on Your Day Off

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Tekiki Finds Great Deals on iOS Apps, Can't Get Shut Down

Tekiki Finds Great Deals on iOS Apps, Can't Get Shut Down

Apple is cracking down on app discovery services like AppGratis, but Tekiki is a new HTML5 app that circumvents the App Store to help you find popular apps that are temporarily free.

Just head to Tekiki's website from your iPhone or iPad to get started. The interface isn't particularly beautiful; it doesn't even support the iPhone 5's screen size, but it does its job. The homepage shows you the most popular discounted apps, but you can also filter them by rating and genre to hone in on what you're looking for. Apps are roughly sorted by popularity within each category too, so it's easy to find the good stuff without digging through a ton of pages. Once you find something you want, click the download link and you'll get shot right over to the App Store.

If you like Tekiki, you can add it as a bookmark to your home screen to get rid of Safari's address bar, and make it feel more like a real app.


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Solar Plane

Solar Plane Competition 090.JPGIntroduction: 
This instructable will show you how to create a solar powered plane. This project was done at Newman Smith HS in Carrollton, Texas and was sponsored by the Texas A&M Aerospace Engineering Department. We received most of the needed parts from Texas A&M and built the plane for the High School Solar Plane Competition on May 25, 2013. The project is not for the beginner as it gets a bit complicated. Skills that you will need include soldering skills, plane building skills, monokoting skills, and general R/C plane knowledge. Our team ended up with the Most Creative award and 2nd place in Endurance. 

Special Thanks to Texas A&M, NSHS Teachers & the DIY Drones Community (

Below are some pictures of the completed project. The next step will be the list of materials needed. 
Also included below is the link for build basics and aircraft aerodynamics- there are two PowerPoints included by Texas A&M.  If you are going to do the project, printing out these two PowerPoints will help you immensely. However, please take note that all the cells must be in series, not in parallel as one of the PowerPoint presentations describes.

Want to see more photos? PM me and I'll give you a link. 

Solarplane 008.JPGMaterials Needed: 
Glider (we used the Gentle Lady) 
Monokote (We ended up using about 3 rolls- two for the 8 foot wing [bottom] & body of the plane and another clear roll for the panels)
3x6 Solar Panels
Tabbing Wire
Bus Wire
Normal Wire
Micro Servos 
Push Rods 
Nylon Control Horns 
Li-Po Battery
ESC (Electronic Speed Controller) 
Connectors (for Wires) 
Electric Motor 
CA Glue 
Heat Shrink Tubing 
Sewing String 
Pairing Connector (depends on your transmitter/receiver) 
Nuts (for balancing wing) 
Balsa Wood Sheets (optional- depends on how big your wing is) 

Soldering Iron
Hobby Knife and extra blades 
Heat Gun 
Sealing Iron 
Large Table 
Sand Paper 
Wire Cutter 
Digital Multi-Meter
First Aid Kit 

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Round pillbox hat

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