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Electronic Component Lead Bending Tool

IMAG0704.jpgWhen assembling a circuit it is pretty common to hook up a resistor or other component to span a distance on your board. This is true with PCB builds, but especially with perfboards. In order to get a clean, well built looking final product it is important to size the leads for these resistors so that they fit flush with the board and do not have excess lead slack. This can a tricky to do by hand and can easily lead to kinked up leads. Instead you can make one of the simple lean bending tools and make the bends perfect every time!IMAG0700.jpgGet a piece of scrap perfboard, stripboard, or whatever. All that matters is that the board be drilled with the normal 0.1" spaced holes. Take a marker and put a dot on the holes you plan to use. I suggest a slope of 1/3 as I have shown here. In other words, pick the first place you want to measure a resistor, probably 4 or 5 holes, then move over three and up one. Make a mark on that spot and kept moving over 3 and up 1, marking holes, until you reach the longest bend you will ever want to make. Once you have the desired holes marked, connect them with a line.

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Punakea Adds Tagging to Your Files, Is Currently On Sale for $3.99

Punakea Adds Tagging to Your Files, Is Currently On Sale for $3.99

Mac: Spotlight is pretty great at finding files, but it's not perfect. To help you organize it all, Punakea is an app that adds the ability to tag files, and it's currently on sale for $3.99, 75% off its usual price.

We've mentioned Punakea before, and it's a pretty powerful tool for getting your files organized. The tagging feature that Punakea brings to the table will be available in Mavericks, but if you're itching to start using it now, then Punakea's worth a download. The sale lasts through Sunday.

Punakea ($3.99) | Mac App Store via AppyFridays

Sambol Vade

South Asians most of the time measure in 'Sundu' that is sort of like cup measurements...but the cup is fact it's usually a small tin :-) (commonly the condense milk tin) yes...when one family says we keep about 2 sundus of rice for the whole family...your it the big sundu or small sundu :-)
So yes...I took our sundu..but I later measured it in the scale... so no fear my readers :-) keep in mind though..if you want to make it a round figure...go won't make much of a difference.

1 tsp    salt
480g   - flour
178g   - Cooked Rice  - here I used red rice as that's what we eat cause it's more healthy ( low in cholesterol)
you may use any rice you want.

3 cups water inclusive of coconut water ( water which you get when you break a coconut)

western alternative would be
3 Cups of water with instant east
3 cups of water with a piece of bread soaked in it ( bread contains east)

Coconut Sambol

2         lime 
1         coconut scraped
2         green chilly chopped to tiny pieces
1         big onion finely chopped
2 tsp    chilly powder
1/2 tsp salt

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Show Us Your Favorite Operating System of All Time

Watching operating systems grow and mature over time has been a fun, and sometimes frustrating, ride. Those that trigger our favorite memories may not necessarily be the best, but they certainly mean something to us. What's your favorite operating system of all time?

Operating systems have come a long way since their humble beginnings. These days, we have our choice of fast, stable, reliable systems—no matter whether you favor Windows, OS X, or Linux. With dual-booting and virtualization, you don't even have to pick just one. But no matter how great the current contenders are, think back over the years to your favorite operating system of all time and share your pictures with us below!

Image by Steppinstars (pixabay).

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How to Downsize Your Home Without Losing Your Mind

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Magnetic Push Pins

IMG_1933.JPGPush ping are usually used to pin notes to a cork board. it's aesthetic and organized, but a magnetic board is (in my opinion) more so, and it's safer for kids etc.
I, personally, like a clean and uniform design. I don't like a refrigerator full of weird magnets, but sometimes you gotta hang something on there (e.g. shopping list, a note for a roommate etc.), so i thought " i wish i could use something like push pins instead of all those food delivery magnets" and then it came to me - why not use push pins?
In this instructable i will show you how to make magnetic push pins to use on a refrigerator, steel door or magnetic board.

I hope you enjoy this simple, short and fun one.

IMG_1904.JPG1. push pins
2. neodymium magnets (a.k.a earth magnets) the same diameter as your push pins. (the same number as your push pins)
3. Epoxy glue
4. dremel with a diamond cutter or grinder bit
5. wire cutters

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Indian Saffron Mousse

P6190040.JPGSaffron is the worlds most coveted spice, and for good reason. It adds intense and unrivaled flavor to any dish.
When you need a simple, yet sophisticated dessert,  follow this recipe for a lush and satisfying Indian treat!P6190001.JPGIngredients:

-2 cups whipping cream
-4 tablespoon powdered sugar
-1 tablespoon saffron
-1 tablespoon hot milk
- ½ tablespoon cardamom powder


-measuring cup / spoons
-metal mixing bowl
-hand mixer
-mortar and pestle

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