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Gizmodo iOS 7: Instead of Flatness, We Got Depth | Kotaku What Happened at Microsoft's Big E3 Event?

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Up-cycled Key pendant

12.jpgKey pendants are elegant vintage accessories. This is a great way to recycle broken keys or old keys laying around.1.jpgThings you will need: Old keys/broken keys Rhine stones, broken brooches etc. Hot glue Jump rings

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Silver, gold and saphire ring

I am not a goldsmith, nor an educated craftsman. This means I do not have all the awesome tools and equipment that I probably should have had to make this, but I made it work with what I had.

• Pliers
• Blowtorch
• Vise
• Hacksaw/Dremel with cutting disc
• Some metal pipe or similar the same diameter as the inside of the ring (ring size)
• Either silver soldering equipment or heavy duty glue
• Drillpress

• I used a 2.5x2.5x100mm square silver rod, but have also made one with a 3x3mm square for my mom. The dimensions are up to you, but for this to work it has to be a square cross section. The length of is has to be as least a few centimeters longer than the perimeter of the finger it's meant for.
• Gold rod with same cross sectional dimensions as the silver, 2cm long.
• Since gold and silver is so expensive, I recommend a square rod in a less expensive material, like brass, about 1 meter long, to practice with.
• 2 mm white sapphire (Optional, and really expensive) (man, I had some money back when I made this.. That’s a looong time ago ;) )

• Sandpaper of different grits, 600-1200-2000 would be recommendable
• Buffering wheel and polishing compound

With that sorted out, let's get started.

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Waste in space

ruimteschip2kopie.jpgThis must be the cheapest spaceship ever built. Two detergent bottles, some paint and we're off. 
And I bet someone will succeed in building a little battery light in the cabin. dubbel spaceship.jpgWhat's needed:
Two empty (transparent) detergent bottles
Two extra caps of smaller plastic bottles (engines)
small hacksaw
masking tape
Acrylic Paint: basecoat,( I used acrylic modelling paste), black, gold, brown, copper 

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Is premarital counseling worthwhile?

Is premarital counseling worthwhile?

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iTunes Radio Brings Free Streaming Music to iOS, Desktop, and Apple TV

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