Wednesday, June 19, 2013

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TARDIS Backpack

I decided that sewing a backpack together would be to hard. So I decided to make one out of plexiglass.

The first thing I did was decide how big I wanted to backpack to be. I created 5 squares: 1 for the bottom, 2 for the sides, and 2 for the front and back in Inkscape. I then cut the plexiglass with a 40 Watt Laser Cutter. I taped the 5 pieces together to form the main part of the TARDIS.

Once the box was taped together I used acrylic glue to glue it together. The box dried for 24 hours and then the tape was removed.

I cut out another piece of plexiglass. This piece was the same size as the bottom piece except it had most of the center gone. This center section is what allows me to get in and out of the backpack.

I glued this piece to the top of the box.

I then created another smaller box for the TARDIS light and glued that piece to a smaller piece of plexiglass for the top of the TARDIS which fits into the center section that was missing. This piece also dried for 24 hours and then the tape was removed.

I then attached the hinges and latch for the top of the box.

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Cassette Tape 1101 - an in depth look into this analog tape recording media

*** this instructable will teach you about different cassette formulations, how to use them to mold the sound your looking for in your recordings, some cassette history, and what to look for in quality tapes. ***

cassette tapes...
out of "style" for about 20 years yet they just hit their 50 year anniversary and are still being made.

cassettes are what brought about the move from listening to music in a group setting, to listening to music in a private setting while on the move. without cassettes, the walkman wouldn't have happened and who knows which way portable entertainment might have gone.

audio hobbyist are rediscovering cassettes. this resurgence is fueled not only by nostalgia, but also cost. it's cheap for a small band to put out music on cassette tape and it gives the fan something tangible to take home. a tangible item is something an mp3 download will never be.

this instructable should take the average geek from being totally clueless when it comes to cassettes, to being somewhat of a guru. we'll cover tape types, brands, era's, and clues that may help you decide if an unknown tape is of good quality.

if you're interested in learning more about the inside of cassettes and how to fix them, please visit my instructable on cassette tape repair.

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Crock Pot Beef Broccoli

Beef Broc21.JPGMy favorite Chinese food, next to Chow Mein, is Beef Broccoli.  I really love Beef Broccoli.  The best beef broccoli I have ever eaten was at a Chinese/Mexican Restaurant in Mexico (truth).  On the other hand, my Hubby hates Chinese food.  He hates those things called “vegetables” and especially Broccoli.  He is one of those people that can taste the bitter in broccoli, so I get all of his broccoli when we eat out!  (YEAH!).  He would prefer that I never make it.  So when he is out of town I have Chinese food, especially Beef Broccoli.  Well this weekend he is out of town and I am going to make Beef Broccoli, so I will be extra happy.  This is one way to make it.Beef Broc1.JPGIngredients
1 ½ lbs. boneless beef chuck roast, sliced into thin strips ( I bought it sliced that say)
1 cup beef broth
1/2 cup soy sauce
1/3 cup brown sugar
1 tablespoon sesame oil
3 garlic cloves, minced
4 tablespoons cornstarch
4 tablespoons sauce from the crock pot after being cooked
16 oz.Broccoli florets

Slow Cooker/Crockpot
Measuring cups
Measuring spoons
Chef Knife (not shown, google it)

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Corset Dress / Top

Materials list (pattern):

- dress form
- needle pins
- measurement tape
- cardboard
- plastic tracing sheet with pen
- satin tape (3 mm)
- pattern paper
- scissors
- ruler

Materials list (dress/top):

- shell fabric (medium-weight to heavy weight)
- heavy-weight lining
- yarn
- scissors
- needle pins
- sewing machine
- electric iron
- ironing glove (optionally)
- satin tape (2, 5 cm)
- eyelet kit
- tailors' chalk

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Hall table from Hardwood floor scraps.

I found some of this Hardwood flooring at a thrift store last year. I got a bunch of it cheap.
I decided that a portion of it belonged on the top of a hall table. This is what I came up with.

The main top is 3/4"  Ash boards stained and finished on the tops, with tongue and groove joinery trimmed with pine edging.
The sub frame is Pine with box joints.
The legs are poplar staircase spindles from a home store (yeah, so what, I cheated).  I used half lap joinery to attach these to the sub frame with glue.

I am entering this into the Epilog contest. I would absolutely love to have that Laser cutter. I would use it in all kinds of ways around my shop. The question is, "What wouldnt I try to make with it!" I could use this in a multitude of different ways!  So please take the time to throw me a vote!

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