Monday, July 22, 2013

How To String 6 Diamond Mesh

13, 5:30 PM.jpg13, 5:30 PM.jpg1 piece of 6 diamond mesh. 2 sidewall strings, about twice the length of your head 1 top string just a little smaller 1 bottom string How ever many shooting strings you prefer

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Turn an NES Controller into a Night Light

When you need to get up at night, it helps to have a little light so you don't stumble through the dark. If any light will do, why not make an awesome one out of an old NES controller?

Instructables user lonesoulsurfer decided to do just that with some lights, AAA rechargeable batteries, a solar panel, casting resin, and a few other materials. While not the simplest of ways to turn a controller into a night light, you definitely get a pretty awesome product in the end. Check out the video above for a demonstration of all the different features of the light and the Instructables post for the full how-to.

NES Controller Night Light in Resin

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Chalkboard Painted Wine Bottle

IMG_1568.jpgThis project uses chalkboard paint to create a label on a clean glass bottle. This will work on any glass surface, such as a mason jar, soda bottle, or even glass tumblers or wine glasses. I chose to use a wine bottle and then fill it with M&M's to keep in the kitchen.IMG_1452.jpgFor this project, you will need a clean glass bottle. To clean the bottle, you will need dish soap, isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, and a scrubber brush.

To remove the paper from the bottle, soak it in warm, soapy water for about an hour. Then, scrub the paper away with either the rough side of a scrubber sponge or a scrubber brush. I would recommend not using a scrubber sponge once the paper is removed because the rough side causes the glue to bunch into hard-to-remove balls on the glass surface.

Use the isopropyl alcohol to remove the glue by pouring the isopropyl alcohol onto the glue and scrubbing with the brush.

To remove any smell that may be present in the bottle, pour some isopropyl alcohol into it and swirl it around briefly. Then, wash it out with water and allow it to dry fully (at least 4 hours upside down). I propped my bottle up using the bottom rack of the dishwasher.

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The Difference Between Bits and Bytes, and Why It Matters

Ever sign up for internet that claimed 20 Mb per second, only to find that your files download at 2.5 MB per second? They aren't lying to you. Look closely and you'll see that those two figures use different units: megabits (Mb) and megabytes (MB). Here's what that means.

Usually, we refer to file sizes and file transfer speeds in megabytes. Every once in a while, though—like when you're shopping for internet speeds or testing your speed on—you'll see it noted in megabits per second instead. One byte is made up of 8 bits, which means that you need to pay extra close attention to which unit you're using (which is especially confusing, since megabits is abbreviated "Mb" and megabytes is abbreviated "MB").

The folks at Techquickie have a great video that explains it as fast as possible, so watch the above video if you're confused (or send it to a friend if they keep asking you why they aren't getting 20 megabyte per second download speeds). They also say you can divide your megabit figure by 10 to get a very rough (read: innacurate) estimate of the measurement in megabytes, but you could always divide by 8 (though that may require a calculator, or plugging it into Google) if you want to know the exact equivalent. Check out the video above to see more.

Bits vs Bytes as Fast as Possible | Techquickie

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Personalize your Tablet cover

001.JPGI have always been a fan of putting some kind of emblem on my stuff to personalize it with style, here is my take on a tablet cover and a kindle E book reader protective case , all been done by inexpensive hand tools and some improvised tools to make the job easier, i will be showing how to details for the tablet paisley with the green background i didn't make it for myself but took pictures while i was doing it , the eye for my ebook reader uses the same exact method,  let's get started. 1.JPGafter you pick your design spend sometime studying it , if you didn't draw it yourself chance is it's not drawn with the consideration of fabrication so feel free to make changes accordingly like the picture below the original picture had half flowers i had to cut another half and glow it next t it so i would have full flowers, also decide what materials you are going to use and for which parts i usually like to incorporate stainless brass and copper sometimes colored metal textured or shiny it all depends on your vision for the design , after you decide what is what think ahead of how you gonna connect the pieces together you have lots of choices depends on the material you are using since we are using different colors materials in this design and lots of small parts either use soldering very very carefully i wouldn't recommend for a beginner  or you can use rivets which i decided to use with this design , print a few copies of the design and glue it to your material i use rubber cement holds well and cleans easy .

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