Wednesday, December 18, 2013

How To Make A Huge, Epic Knife "The Dolphin Blade" For Only $8 (Small Sword)

Here's a tutorial on how to make a pretty easy, yet awesome usable blade for only around $8. 
This knife is great for cutting plastic bottles, tins and fruit, but can prove a bit awkward for kitchen use.

This weapon would also be great for the zombie apocalypse :)

Thanks for checking out my instructable. If you have any questions feel free to ask. Enjoy your deadly weapon :)

Index - 
Step 1 - Tools
Step 2 - Materials
Step 3 - Shaping The Blade/Knife
Step 4 - Engraving The Blade/Knife
Step 5 - Making a Handle
Step 6 - Assembly and Sharpening
Step 7 - Usage (and a bit of Safety)

First - - -
I would highly recommend watching my example of the capabilities of the knife In 1000fps slow motion! It would be much appreciated Thanks :)   - 

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Layered Handkerchief Edge Skirt

13, 8:02 PM.jpgThis is a super girly twirly skirt! Each layer is a full circle skirt with a handkerchief edge. 13, 2:46 PM.jpgYou'll need some stretchy fabric, about one yard per layer. I'm doing 6 layers, so I have 6 yards. If you want your skirt to be longer, you'll need more fabric. It is best if you choose a fabric that will not fray so you don't have to hem the layers. It will save time and your skirt will be much floatier! If your fabric is see-through like mine (I'm using a stretchy mesh), you'll need about 1 yard of another kind of fabric to line the skirt. I'm using knit jersey (t-shirt fabric). You'll also need elastic for the waistband, fabric scissors, sewing pins, a measuring tape, thread that matches your fabric, two large safety pins, and a pattern or a compass (or pencil and string) and paper to make your own pattern. A sewing machine is optional, but VERY strongly recommended. It makes things a lot easier and is much faster than sewing by hand! Also, stretchy fabric can be very difficult to sew with, so although the construction of this skirt is quite simple, it can be tricky to sew.

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Homemade Beer or Baby Float. Chopeira Flutuante.

homemade-beer-float.jpgIt's summer. It's sizzling hot. It's time to float the river with your family, your fishing pole, and your beer with the all-new, make-it-yourself beer cooler and baby float!

This beer and baby float was designed for my nephew who just became a first-time father, LOVES artisan crafted beer, and lives in a town where a river runs through it.

OK, so it's politically incorrect to float both your beer and your baby at the same time. But it is a great way to float either your baby (with a shade canopy) or your lunch--watermelon, a pack of sandwiches, some sodas--down a lazy river on a hot afternoon.

The video below shows the step-by-step construction of this float.

List of Materials:

Two bicycle wheel rims
Six bicycle spokes and nuts
One bicycle brake pad or large gear
Three pool noodles
A mouse pad
One lumbar support (from the Dollar store)
A scrap of sheer outdoor fabric
Six broom hooks
Six 1 1/4" spacers
Six 2 1/2" screws with lock nuts
Two 1 1/2" screws with lock nuts
One bottle opener
A piece of string

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The Pocket-Sized Power Supply Tests Electronics Anywhere

If you're the type to hit up thrift stores or garage sales then you know that most used electronics don't have power supplies or batteries handy. Make Magazine shows you off how to build a simple pocket sized power so you can generate power anywhere you are.

You don't need much in the way of materials to get this to work, just a few capacitors, resistors, a perf board, and a 9V battery connector. When you're done, you'll have a tiny little power supply that you can fit in your pocket that you can use to test all the weird electronics you find on your shopping adventures.

Pocket-Size Power Supply | Make Magazine

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Most Popular Cloud Storage Provider: Dropbox

Most Popular Cloud Storage Provider: Dropbox

The cloud is great if you need access to files on multiple devices, locations, or operating systems, and you want it synced and backed up. However, not all cloud storage is alike. We asked you which you thought were the best, highlighted the five best cloud storage providers, and now we're back to feature the winner.

Most Popular Cloud Storage Provider: Dropbox

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Dropbox took the crown here. It's the juggernaut in the category, and clearly the most popular among Lifehacker readers—it brought home over 53% of the votes cast. It's not just about popularity though—many of you praised Dropbox for working across platforms and operating systems seamlessly, and fostering a broad development community and tons of third party apps thanks to open APIs.

In second place with over 22% of the overall vote was a relative newcomer to the world of cloud storage but still a huge name: Google Drive, which offers you both storage for your files as well as productivity tools like Google Docs and Google Spreadsheets, and tight integration with Google's own services. With over 14% of the vote in third place was Microsoft SkyDrive, which offers similar integration for Microsoft Office and Windows 8 users, and made a great name for itself with an impressive overhaul last year. With 6% of the vote, Bitcasa Infinite Drive took fourth place, offering a modest amount of storage for free, but virtually unlimited storage if you're willing to pay a monthly fee—and when we say unlimited, many of you reported you store terabytes with Bitcasa because of this. Bringing up the rear in fifth place is SugarSync, one of the oldest and well loved by oft-overlooked cloud storage services by comparison, with just shy of 5% of the vote.

The Hive Five is based on reader nominations. As with most Hive Five posts, if your favorite was left out, it's not because we hate it—it's because it didn't get the nominations required in the call for contenders post to make the top five. We understand it's a bit of a popularity contest, but if you have a favorite, we want to hear about it. Have a suggestion for the Hive Five? Send us an email at!

Hacker Challenge Winner: Create Your Own PVC Shower Rack

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