Tuesday, July 9, 2013

SquadMail Saves Email Attachments to Dropbox (and We've Got Invites)

SquadMail, dubbed the "Dropbox of email," syncs and shares email folders between different users. The service now has a cool new feature for both individuals and groups: automatic saving of email attachments to Dropbox.

SquadMail's Dropbox saving feature works just like its core email syncing service. After setting up a new folder on the SquadMail site and choosing to sync it with Dropbox, SquadMail creates a new label for your email account (Gmail or other IMAP email) with the name of that folder. Then, to have attachments for emails saved to Dropbox, all you have to do is tag emails with that label.

With filtering, you can automate saving attachments to Dropbox. So, for example, you can create a filter for friends and family with the "has:attachment" option in Gmail and always tag it with your Dropbox folder label. Voila, all the photos and other docs from them are automatically saved there.

You can also forward emails to the SquadMail-provided email address for that folder. I found this to work immediately, whereas the label method can take a few minutes for the sync to happen.

Finally, as before, anyone you share that SquadMail folder with will also have that folder and any messages in it in his/her email account.

The Dropbox feature is in private beta right now, but the first 5,000 Lifehacker readers can try it out today using the link below.


Toothbrush Holder (Hang on the Wall)

Main.jpgThis is my first instructables. so be nice to me, I'm still learning.
My Instructables going to be simple by delivering it with simple english, straight forward, and have a lot of pictures. You don't even need to read, just scrolling down the pictures will give you the idea.

Living in a hostel and sharing bathroom will obviously tend to make your bathroom look awful, not organize and messy. I had this problem (which is the toothbrush) and i start to make my own solution. so, This Is It! it does help me, hope it helps you too.

Toothbrush (2).JPGMATERIALS
1) Toothbrush (with soft rubber at the end), I'm using Colgate Slimsoft
2) Paper clip (small)
3) Hook wall hanger (with small end)

1) Super glue cyanoacrylate adhesive (optional with brush)
2) Pliers - to cut the paper clip 
3) Scissor - to remove the plastic coated at the paper clip pin
4) Double sided tape
5) knife - to clean off the back of my hook wall hanger 

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Wrapped Bangles

BeFunky_IMAG0757.jpg.jpgThe best thing about hand made bangles is that you can make it as you want it.. you can make them in any color of your choice and you can use anything to sparkle them..

Simply use your imagination and creativity and  here you go..!! :)

BeFunky_IMAG0690.jpg.jpg1. Base for the bangles
2. Colorful Ribbons or Yarn
3. Glue

You can use any kind of base for bangles. It can be wooden or metallic or even your old bangles. To wrap the base, you can use ribbons or yarn. Duct tape and any fabric can also do the same thing. Glue can be of any type which can be used with fabric.

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Wooden Axle

If books, TV shows, and movies are any indication, it seems that civilization is headed for certain collapse. Once the fall happens, wheeled transportation is going to be at a premium. We may be fleeing zombies, or farming with horses, or trying to get a car running on moonshine and tree sap -- whatever the case, wheels, and the skills to make them, will be valuable to have. 

This post-apocalyptic wheel assembly uses a wooden axle and spare tires (donuts) to provide the basis for a handcart, simple wagon, or trailer. Short of metal, and tools, this is also a perfect repair for a broken trailer. After I made it, I realized a solid axle has some trouble turning, so I would recommend actually cutting the axle in half and mounting each wheel independently so that a two-wheel arrangement can pivot.

The parts for this are all recycled, and very cheap, if not free. Sustainability starts with re-use, especially when the factories collapse and no new ones are being made!

If you enjoy this Instructable, check out my new website at Object Guerilla for more projects and musings on the end of the world.

You will need these materials:

2 compact car wheel hubs
2 compact car spare tires (donuts)
Several pieces of scrap plywood, appox. 4 sq. ft. in total
Hefty chunk of douglas fir, spruce, oak, walnut, hickory, pecan, or similar 
Wood glue
Handful of 1/4"-3/8" through-bolts, nuts, and washers
Handful of 1/4" x 5" lag bolts
1-1/2" hole saw
Wood glue

You will need these tools:

Table saw
Jig or Bandsaw
Block plane

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How Google Is Finally Fixing Android's Deepest Flaw

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How to Make Cheesecake Brownies

DSC_0197.JPGWe were sitting in class one day when our teacher told us to make one of these. After careful deliberation over a period of two minutes, we decided to make cheesecake brownies. So here is a step by step tutorial on how to make them. Pictures are provided to help aid in understanding this. Use the following links to see which recipe is best for you.
Cheesecake brownies 
Bacon Cheesecake Brownies
Edit1.jpgFor this particular recipe, you will need:
•1 package of brownie mix
•1 8oz package of cream cheese
•1 egg
•1/3 cup white sugar
•9x13" pan
•grease for pan
•electric mixer
•large bowl
•basic kitchen utensils
†You willl also need whatever ingredients are listed on the certain box of brownie mix that you choose.

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