Friday, November 22, 2013

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How to Setup and Run a Hydroponics System

20130627_100147.jpgMy  family and I  have a greenhouse,  and each year we usually set up tomatoes and basil,  sometimes other veg like Chiles.
I thought I would share some knowledge on how we do it.
It is remarkably simple !
20130626_102604.jpgYou will need:
A fountain pump
Big Plastic Pipes long and wide enough to hold plants - we use 4" (100mm) soil pipe
A Large tub - water tank
Clay beads
Plastic Net pots (Or ones with lots of holes in for the roots to escape out of)
Capillary Matting
pH meter or something of the sort (This is important)
Power socket x2
Nutrients (we use Canna vega and Canna flora)

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Rhinestone Headband

I love sparkly things!  I particularly love Rhinestone Necklaces.  After a flop in trying to solder Rhinestone Jewelry (I haven't given up!) I decided to make a Rhinestone Headband!

*Warning:  When you take this off, you will pull out some hair.  I will take any suggestions on how to prevent the rhinestone setting prongs from catching on your hair.

** Extra sparkle created using

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GV Mobile + Gets Google Voice VOIP Calling and a Brand New Interface

GV Mobile + Gets Google Voice VOIP Calling and a Brand New Interface

iOS: GV Mobile+ has always been one of the best ways to improve your Google Voice experience on the iPhone, and today they released a completely new version of the app, with an overhauled interface and the inclusion of VOIP calling so you don't have to use your minutes.

The app has been completely rebuilt from the ground up, and its new interface is clearly designed to fit in with the new aesthetic of iOS 7. Like the old version you can view your inbox, add favorite contacts, get push notifications (through a simpler setup than before), search your inbox, and more. But the inbox is now much easier to navigate with swipe gestures, and the dialer includes options for VOIP calling in addition to using your minutes. Overall it's a fantastic update to the best Google Voice client on iOS, so if you're a Google Voice user, it's a must have. Hit the link below to try it out, and check out the official blog post for more details.

GV Mobile + ($2.99) | iTunes App Store via Sean Kovacs

The Travel Concessions That Aren't Always Worth It (and Why)

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Technogel Memory Foam Pillows Cool You Off While You Sleep

Technogel Memory Foam Pillows Cool You Off While You Sleep

I could never find a bed I liked until I purchased a memory foam mattress. I went ahead and got a pillow, too, for better neck support. Memory foam comes with one major downside in the summer, however: it retains heat. Technogel solved that problem with a gel layer that keeps your head cool at night.

I live in a hot apartment where air conditioning doesn't make a huge difference at night. I sleep with only a top sheet, and I had to purchase new sheets because even that was too hot. While more breathable cotton sheets made a difference, I happened across Technogel pillows this weekend. I decided to buy one and give it a try and it actually keeps me cool at night. At first it feels a little too cold, but once your heat transfers you reach a happy medium.

The major downside is that the pillows cost a lot. Good memory foam pillows already run you about $100-120, but Technogel adds another $30 on top of that. I know these work well because I've used them, but if you want to save some money you can find cheaper cooling gel memory foam pillows on Amazon for around $30-50. One model from Sleep Innovations only costs $28. I've slept on their memory foam mattresses and found them to be just as comfortable as my more expensive model. It seems that every memory foam purchase I've made turned out a little expensive because I went with the reputable companies, but you might find yourself just as well off with the cheaper stuff.

Of course, there are plenty of other ways to stay cool while you sleep.

Technogel Pillows ($150) and Sleep Innovations Reversible Gel Memory Foam Pillow ($28)