Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Newsvibe Is a Simple, No-Nonsense Web-Based Feed Reader

Newsvibe Is a Simple, No-Nonsense Web-Based Feed Reader

If all of the Google Reader replacements you've tried are too bloated or weighed down with features you don't really use, Newsvibe may be a solid alternative. It's fast, free, and sparse—which means it's just you, your feeds, and your starred articles.

Newsvibe is free to use and free to sign up for. You can import an OPML file (like the kind you would get from Google Takeout) to bring your feeds into the service, although I had to try a couple times to make it work. Once imported however, your feeds show up individually on the left side of the page, along with the option to see all articles, unread articles, and shared articles. That's about it. Click a headline to expand it down, double-click to open the article on its site. Star it to add it to starred articles.

That's where Newsvibe's features stop—there's no sharing options, no mobile apps, no browser extensions, nothing fancy. Depending on your needs, it could either be entirely too feature anemic or elegantly minimal—if you need those extra options, it's not for you, but if you're looking for something simple, fast, free, web-based, and available on any web-enabled device, it's worth a look.


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Skype has added a new video messaging feature to its suite of apps.

Skype has added a new video messaging feature to its suite of apps. You can now leave video messages free of charge for any of your contacts. Head over to the Skype blog for all the details.

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Traffic Light Cufflinks

I do not wear much jewellery, apart from a wedding ring and some cufflinks. At lot of my cufflinks are Traffic Light themed. However I wanted something unique.

So I decided to build some real Traffic Light cufflinks. I would not be able to design, prototype and build this in previous years - without a BIG development budget . However with 3D printing available in metal - it is not possible for a hobby development like myself.

All the hardware and associated software is open sourced.

The cufflinks - do:-
- Normal UK Sequence. (Red, Red-Amber, Green, Amber, Red)
- Normal Pelican Sequence. (Red, Flashing Amber, Green, Amber, Red)
- Report the time  (Series of encoded flashes)
- Report the date (Series of encoded flashes)
- Current Temperature in Celsius (..flashes)
- Stored number of up to 20 digits. (..flashes)

The case act as a touch sensor. Every four seconds the ATtiny wakes up to see if the case is being touched. This ensures that the coin cell isn’t drained by constantly driving the LEDs. Then displays one of the above based upon the number of touches.

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Laser Cut MultiWii based quadcopter

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Why Consistency Matters with Exercise

Why Consistency Matters with Exercise

It's common wisdom that missing a day or two of exercise makes it harder to get back to it the next day, but The New York Times points out that it's not as cut and dried as simple motivation. A number of other factors show how important consistency is when sticking to a workout.

Keeping a tight schedule with exercise matters because when you skip a lot of days in a row the health benefits start to dissipate. At first, this is just a decrease in the positive metabolic aspects, but eventually skipping exercise affects motivation, endurance, and can increase injury:

Endurance also fades if you skip exercising for too many days in a row. The same is true, sadly, with motivation. In study after study, researchers have found that one of the primary reasons people continue exercising is that they enjoyed yesterday’s exercise or the exertions of the day before; they felt healthier and more physically masterful afterward and wish to relive that sensation. Longer periods between exercise sessions potentially could dull that enthusiasm.

Similarly, there is some evidence that injury rates can rise after a multiday layoff, especially in activities requiring well-honed technique. A 2011 study of circus performers found that two-day breaks between performances lessened injury rates, but the rates rose again if performers rested for three days or more.

The fact is that you don't want to miss more than a couple days in a row if you can help it. Motivation alone is tough to get back after that, but the health effects are just as important. It's a good thing working an exercise routine into your schedule isn't too hard.

Ask Well: How Often to Exercise | The New York Times

Photo by Vince Viloria.

Don't Let Your Abilities Affect Your Enjoyment of New Activities

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