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Chrome Plating of Car Headlights and Parts

58_1494863477_xl.jpgI want to shear my experience with Electroplating parts with, Copper,Nickel, and Chrome.

 I will update this Instructable with more photos, and more detailed instructions later. This shows the basic for it. If there's anyone interested out there, I will help out as good as I can.
Sorry about the lack of pictures and video from the buffing and polishing. I was so focused, that i completely forgot to use the camera :) 

 An IMPORTANT thing, is to check out with your country's regulations regarding these chemicals. And NEVER EVER dispose them out in the nature. Some of them are harmful to the environment, and poisonous to yourself.

 The gases from the plating are odorless, but extremely corrosive. I was just slightly unaware a moment, and got some nose bleeding after this. NOT recommended..! Show respect for the chemicals, and always read the datasheet before start. Use goggles and gloves.

58_920504306_xl.jpgHere you can see the old chrome of the headlamp. Its really worn out. And the door handles are in poor condition. Heavily infected with Zinc Pest. Had to clean out all the pitting with my dremel drill.

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How to make wooden feathers

photo 3.JPGPainted wooden feathers made of pine. You can make them any size, but these are approximately 10" x 3" x .75". I made these at TechShop San Francisco (www.techshop.ws). These are great for using up scrap wood.photo 1.JPGCut your wood into the approximate length of the feathers you'd like to make. I used a chop saw, but you can also use a bandsaw, table saw, jigsaw or whatever you like. 

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Wrapped bracelet

P1060834.JPGIn this instructable I'll show you how to make these wrapped bracelet. I hope you like it!P1060803.JPGTo make these bracelets, you will need the following:
- suede lace (not  sure about how to translate it)
- flat-nose plier
- scissors
- beads
- lace clip

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Precision-cooked, fried hamburgers - Modernist cryo-fried burgers

8729147988_50fd204c50_o.jpgThis is my take on Modernist cryo-fried burgers as described in Modernist Cuisine.  They are a perfect medium rare throughout the inside with a thin, crispy outer crust.  This is achieved by cryo-frying the burgers: cooking them sous vide, briefly freezing them in liquid nitrogen to keep the inside from overcooking, and then frying them in hot oil.  

The burgers were juicy and tender with an extremely satisfying crunch through the browned surface.  The actual work making the burgers was minimal, but the setup complicated.  I cooked these as part of Fried Day at the Instructables lab when we already had both liquid nitrogen and pots of hot oil ready to go.  

Here are the abbreviated instructions; go through each step for pictures and more information: Mix ground beef with salt to achieve a 0.8% salt concentration, refrigerate for an hourCook beef sous vide to an internal temperature of 131°FFreeze the outside of the burgers in liquid nitrogen for 30 secondsFry the burgers in oil at approximately 425°F for 30 secondsMany thanks to ReneediCherri for photography.13, 11:46 AM.jpgModernist Cuisine recommends grinding your own meat to make the best burgers.  They are undoubtably right, but knowing the amount of effort that goes into grinding meat from making sausage, I opted to skip this step, and instead started with 100% grass-finished ground beef.   

Add salt to make a 0.8% concentration.  Fold the salt into the ground beef, form patties with a mass of approximately 180 - 200 g, put them into plastic bags, and add 5 g of a neutral oil. 

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Where Do You Keep Important Family Documents?

If you own a home, are married, have kids, or really just live in this world, you know how easy it is to accumulate documents. Some are important records you need safeguard; some just feel important. Where do you store yours?

If you're unclear what documents you should be holding onto, have no fear. We've got you covered with our guide to which documents you should shred and which you should keep. We've also talked about which twenty-five documents you should gather before you die—just to make things a bit easier on your loved ones. And if you're sick of storing all that paper, be sure to read about how our own Adam Dachis went completely paperless in two days and then check out the five best document scanners you can use to get the job done.

So, how about you?

Ask an Expert: All About Your Summer Fitness Goals

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