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Reader Is Dead Pulls Out All the Google Reader Data that Takeout Won't

Reader Is Dead Pulls Out All the Google Reader Data that Takeout Won't

We've shown you how to get your Google Reader data now that the service is dead, but you don't get everything available. If you really want to sweep up all that data from Google Reader, Reader is Dead is a tool that helps you do just that.

With Reader is Dead you get not only an archive of your feeds, but also: all your read, starred, tagged, and shared items, as well as any comments, read messages, and even preferences. Essentially, you get everything. The archive process takes a while, and it can get up to a few GB of data, so grab a cup of coffee before you let it run. You have until July 15 to grab your data from Google.

Reader Is Dead

minifig barrette

05.jpgThere needs to me more wearable LEGO accessories. Show everyone your LEGO love away from your building table with a minifig hair barrette (hair clip). This easy to do project can be made in about 30 minutes (depending on your glue/epoxy) and can be customized to no end.

The LEGO Store near me had a huge bin with all kinds of parts to create your own minifig, or you could use a specialty ready-made minifig from a set, or a LEGO keychain with the pin removed.

LEGO purists beware: Minifigs were harmed in making this idea!

materials: LEGO minifigsbarrette or hair clip (3-pack at Dollar Store)Steps to make your own minifig barrettes: sand and score hair clip and back of minifig to ensure adhesionepoxy legs to torso and head accessory to head (optional: leave head and arm able to swivel) epoxy is messy, protect your work surface with newspaperuse 2-part epoxy to affix back of minifig to scored portion of hair clipI used slow-set epoxy, so I let mine set overnightHave you made your own LEGO jewellery or accessory? I want to see it!
Share your picture of your version of this project in the comments below and be awarded a 3-month Pro Membership on and a digital patch
Good luck! 3-month Pro Memberships remaining: 10/10

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Plastic Bags Crocheted into a Clutch

You will need:

Plastic Bag String, or plain yarn (I used standard plastic bags. You can learn how to crochet with plastic bags here)
Crochet Hook (I used size I. You can adjust as needed)
Tapestry Needle (the super cheap, big plastic kind)
Button (I used a cover-your-own so it would match)

I used 9 bags for this project. The strips shown above are from just 4 bags.

The crochet stitches used are chain stitch, single crochet, and double crochet. A whip-stitch is also used.

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Jezebel Testicles Have Taste Receptors.

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Almond Butter, No Processor, No Problem

IMG_20130629_240502_806.jpgThis is for those who don't have a food processor, but happen to have a COFFEE BEAN GRINDER lying around.  The inspiration for this came from grinding all kinds of grains in my coffee grinder for baby food.  Thought I should at least brag a little about the fact that I didn't have to buy a single jar of "baby food."  Anyway...let the butter making begin!  

1 cup of raw almonds 3 tbs of coconut oil (liquified) 1 1/2 tbs of honey
salt??? No salt, trust me.
MAKES 1 CUP, TIME : 10 - 20 min
As you know, food processors can operate for longer periods of time without burning the motor out, and good old coffee bean grinders require a user to pulse the motor for short periods of time.  In a food processor the almonds would churn long enough to produce their own oils. That being said, do not burn your coffee bean grinder motor out, and if you follow these instructions, you should be fine. IMG_20130628_234210_467.jpgDivide your cup of almonds in half and grind on the grinder for 1 minute in intervals of 10-15 second pulses.  

Pour into a bowl.

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