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Don't Peel the Skins When You Snack on Fava Beans

Don't Peel the Skins When You Snack on Fava Beans

In addition to being great pea replacements in recipes, fava beans make for great snacks on the go. But if you're peeling the beans before eating them, you're just making the snack too difficult.

While it's pretty easy peel fava beans in bulk by freezing them, this doesn't really help you if you're just enjoying them as a snack. It turns out that the skin of the beans is completely edible, and tastes pretty much the same as the beans themselves. In fact, peeling the beans is really only a French and American custom, according to Anjali Prasertong at The Kitchn, and all it does is create extra work and mess. While adult beans might be a little tough to bite through, younger ones shouldn't pose any issues.

Time-Saving, Mind-Blowing Tip: You Don't Have to Peel Fava Beans | The Kitchn

Photo by eye-blink (Shutterstock).

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Building A Subwoofer

Parts that are required:
Circular saw
A computer
Long wood clamps (length depends on what size you are going to build the box)
Pencil or pen (to mark measurements)

Items that are optional but are highly recommended:
Sandpaper (to smooth surfaces)
woodscrews (to ensure a good tight bond)
Drill (to screw in the woodscrews)
A large ruler (to measure wood)
A helping Hand (if you need to move heavy objects)
Access to a truck (to move boards of wood around)
Router (this is used to cut the circles that the subwoofer will be sitting it, while getting a router is optional it is very helpfull to have one to get dimensions right)

Items you need to buy:
Suboofer of your choice
Speaker wire Terminals
Speaker Wire

Optional Items you can buy:
Subwoofer box feet (optional)
Paint or stain or box carpet (optional)
Insulation (optional, what insulation does is help dampen the box, this can give clear and deep sounding bass)
Speaker grills

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SKY CACHE: Mobile Aerial Geocache

This is my completely autonomous Mobile Aerial Geocache, or MAG. I'll show you how to make one, and participate in this project yourself.

I wanted to create a new kind of interactive cache that would have the ability to travel through the sky, and be tracked in real time with a small GPS device.

My goal is to give the community the ability to track, find, and relaunch this cache to keep it ever wandering

What is Geocaching?

Geocaching is a free real-world outdoor treasure hunt. Players try to locate hidden containers, called geocaches, using a smartphone or GPS and can then share their experiences online. -

I will be updating this Instructable in the near future as this project progresses, and invite all of you to follow along and participate. Please comment with your thoughts, ideas, and knowledge, and lets make this a collaboration!

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Store Multiple Fishing Rods with a DIY PVC Organizer

Store Multiple Fishing Rods with a DIY PVC Organizer

Fishing rods can be unwieldy to pack and carry around, especially if you're transporting a lot of them. Luckily, you can keep them organized and upright with this DIY PVC holder.

Instructables user TampaGeek created this modular system that he can customize to suit the number of fishing rods he's transporting. The rod holders themselves are off the shelf, but the PVC base is custom. It can be expanded out into a stand to set the poles in your garage, or broken down into a mount to attach to the side of a cooler or wheeled cart. The specifics of the build will vary depending on how many rods you're storing and where you want to keep them, but the Instructable gives you a great overview to get started.

PVC Modular Fishing Rod Holder | Instructables

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50 Cents Heart Key Pendant Necklace

This project outlines how to make a custom pendant necklace from zinc. I got bored and like to work with metal so I figured I would try out making some jewelry. This method for making this necklace doesn't involve casting, but can if you want to make it for less 50 cents.

1) Zinc (You can buy it in a store as a slab, or pour your own)
2) Emery Black Polishing compound
3) Never Dull Polishing Wadding

1) Hacksaw or Jewelers saw
2) Metal File
3) Sandpaper (80,100,120,150,200,300,400, ect)
4) Vice
5) Dermal Tool with metal rasp wheel, and polishing wheel attachment
6) Drill Press
7) Time: Probably 3-4 hours

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Preserve Insects In Resin

13, 7:19 PM.jpgDo you have an insect you would like to display in a cool and interesting fashion? Then, you might be interested in preserving it in resin. Work in a well ventilated area. Make an attempt not to get any on your hands. It is very hard to clean off. I'm aware that another Instructable has been posted on this but my way is simpler and appeals to those that don't have a table saw. 13, 7:19 PM.jpgCasting resin, Specimen, Ice cube tray or other ideal mold, Catalyst, Mixing cup (DO NOT USE STYROFOAM), Stirring stick

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pulled pork recipe

I am not lying to you when I say that following this recipe will give you the most perfect and succulent pulled pork you could ever get from your oven. I am so so pleased with it. :D It's literally years in the making!

I've tried so many pulled pork recipes over the years, always trying to take shortcuts and have pulled pork quicker and easier. I've done crockpot pulled pork, pressure cooker pulled pork, wrapped it in aluminum foil and roasted it at high temps, tried braising it and then roasting, etc. 

It was pretty silly, now that I think about it. Good pulled pork requires serious patience and willpower. :D

Keep reading and I will share alllllll the secrets and you'll be eating the most amazing pulled pork very soon.

P.S. Want a sauce or rub for your pulled pork? I've got them:

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