Thursday, September 19, 2013

Despicable Me - Fondant Minions

Like I said before these minions are super simple. You will need the following colors of fondant: yellow, blue, black, brown, gray, white and possibly pink if you make a tongue!

1. For the basic body, make an egg shape with yellow fondant. About 2 1/2 to 3 inches tall depending on desired size.

2. Using blue fondant make two half circle shapes and using a dab of water attach them to the sides near the bottom of the body.

3. Make a long thin rectangle from more blue fondant and wrap it from front to back - kind of like a diaper!! :) Again, attaching it with a bit of water. All pieces stick well with a tiny bit of water but don't put too much or you will have a sticky mess. Less is more in this case!

4. Roll out two snake shapes of blue fondant. Press them slightly to flatten them and attach them from the top corner of the front of the trousers to the top corner of the back of the trousers.

5. Make a small half circle for the front pocket and using a toothpick make little stitching marks on the pocket and along the top of the trousers.

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Make Instant Calculations and Conversions in Your Browser's Search Bar

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Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

Microsoft Unveils Microsoft Office Mobile for iPhone

iOS: Microsoft Office Mobile for Office 365 quietly landed the iTunes App Store this morning. It's Microsoft's first Office product for iOS, and while right now it's iPhone only, if you have an Office 365 subscription, it's worth a download if you want quick access to your SkyDrive and cloud-hosted Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files on the go or offline.

Office Mobile gives you access to all of your SkyDrive, SkyDrive Pro, or SharePoint-stored Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents. You can open them, view them, edit them, add comments to existing documents that have been shared with you, and even create new documents and get to work—-presumably on your iPhone, since the iPad version of the app isn't available yet (although you could always expand the iPhone version to 2x and work that way). Documents you've recently edited on your desktop float to the top, and you can search your account for others. The app even supports offline editing, so you can work if you're on a plane or without an internet connection.

You do have to have an active Office 365 subscription in order to use the app, but the app itself is free. Hit the link below to grab it, or head to The Microsoft Office Blog to read more.

Office Mobile for Office 365 | iTunes App Store via Gizmodo

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LED pendant

Decide what color to use as the base. Fold it in half, and cut a square a bit bigger than your battery. (The fold should be on one side of this square.) Remember that you need room to sew the edges and also thread the cord through.

Next, cut the accent color. You can make it any shape you want, but it needs to be smaller than the square you just cut and big enough to cover the LED leads and the resistor.

Finally, use a big needle to stitch your cord through both layers of fabric from back to front and then front to back. The stitch at the front will hold the pendant closed ensuring that the battery makes a good connection.

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How to make a silver signet ring

In this Instructable I will guide you through the process of creating your own signet ring. I made my own from sterling silver, though you can use copper and its alloys (brass, bronze, nickel silver) if you want to do your project on a budget ;)  I don't recommend gold, especially if this would be your first metalsmithing project;)

You will need some equipment, some of which may be expensive, but I have to be honest with you, silversmithing is not a cheap hobby;) 

You will need:

- Sheet metal of your choosing, between 0.5 and 1 mm thick,

- Steel Callipers,
- Pen and paper,
- Universal glue or any other adhesive that will hold paper onto the metal,
- Jeweller's saw and sawblades, 
- Bench pin,
- Steel block,
- Half-round pliers,
- Wire cutters, or metal sheers,
- Ring mandrel,
- Wooden, raw-hide, or plastic mallet,
- Small polished hammer (optional, for thicker gauges of metal)
- Square, oval, round, rectangular, etc. bezel mandrel (optional for shaping)
- Cylinder daping block and punches (aka U-channel forming block)

- Silver solder (hard and medium, or medium and soft/easy if you can't find hard solder),
- Soldering block,
- Flux (borax will do nicely, for an alternative try boric acid and alcohol solution),
- Binding wire,
- Long steel tweezers,
- Ring soldering tweezers (optional)
- Propane torch (or a torch using any other fuel, acetylene, propane/oxygen, MAPP, anything will do as long as you can heat your metal enough)
- Pickle

- Flexishaft, Dremel, or a bench grinder/buffing wheel,
- Flat and half-round files (cut 3, or 4)
- Miter cutting vise (optional)
- Cylinder burr
- Sandpaper of various grits,
- Polishing compounds
- Ultrasonic cleaner (optional)
- Cleaning compounds ( or your good old dishwashing liquid)
- Polishing cloth
- Liver of sulfur (optional, for a black surface)

I am not responsible for any injuries or deaths that may result from attempts to follow this instructable. All steps must be followed in a ventilated space with sufficient lighting and preferably with a fire extinguisher at hand. Inappropriate use of the blowtorch, chemicals and hot metals may result in permanent injuries and/or death. 
Sorry, but you have been warned;) 

This is my first instructible, so I hope you will enjoy it and forgive me any mistakes that I've made while preparing it for you.

English is not my native language, and despite my proficiency there may be some errors in the way I name tools, steps or any other random stuff. Forgive me if that happens and let me know in the comments:)

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Sharing files through Dropbox just got faster: Just right-click any file in your Dropbox folder and

Sharing files through Dropbox just got faster: Just right-click any file in your Dropbox folder and select "Share Dropbox Link" to automatically copy the link to your clipboard, without having to visit the site or open a menu like you used to before yesterday's update. [The Dropbox Blog]

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